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    GENECOL 205: Drilling Detergent

    A biodegradable and highly concentrated drilling detergent compounded to prevent bit-balling, lessen the torque, and drag of the drillstring to use in water-base drilling fluid systems. ENERCO_ (48 of 87)-min

    ENERPOL PAM: Encapsulating/filming polymer

    PHPA is a unique polymer formulation to encapsulates drilled cutting of clay and shale, and leaves a bonded protective film on exposed shales to prevent shale hydration, cleavage, sloughing, and dispersion. PHPA also serves other important functions in a variety of drilling fluids. Available in powder and liquid form. ENERCO_ (48 of 87)-min

    MERAPI : Modified Bentonite/ viscosifier API Spec

    A modified Bentonite that is specifically designed for mining exploration, water well, horizontal/directional drilling (HDD), and bor pile. ENERCO_ (48 of 87)-min

    ENERSEAL PLUG: Loss Circulation Material

    Special HDD and Bore-pile LCM. It contains a combination of flake, granular and fibrous materials of selected sizes, shapes, and durability. The percentage and particle size distribution of each component results in a product that has wide application for controlling loss of circulation.

    TINOROL: Mud Thinner

    A thinning agent used to reduce viscosity or prevent flocculation. ENERCO_ (48 of 87)-min

    ENERTROLL: Mud Viscosifier

    A viscosifying agent to increase viscosity. ENERCO_ (48 of 87)-min